Gabelli Studio Photography and Cinema
250 Pompton Avenue, Verona NJ 07044

About Us!

Gabelli Studio has been a cornerstone of the Verona business district for the past 25 years. Originally started by Gene and Lauren Gabelli, it is currently owned by John Bacolo. Under the ownership of John and Gene, Gabelli Studio has photographed some of New Jersey’s most elite weddings and social events.

John is married to Donna and has three beautiful boys, Jack, Patrick and William. Along with their dog Lucky, they are his life away from photography. John started taking photographs in high school and quickly became obsessed with the art behind capturing life’s unique moments. He has traveled extensively throughout North and South America, photographing some of the amazing cultures and surrounding landscapes he encountered. John’s career at Gabelli Studio started in 1998 as an assistant photographer to Gene Gabelli. John’s award winning photography has been honored by the Professional Photographer’s of America Loan Collection.

Jim is the senior member of the staff at Gabelli Studio and is considered by many to be the life and soul behind all the portrait, commercial and wedding photography. Jim came to Gabelli Studio in 1992 and quickly developed a popular following and a loyal clientele. Jim started his career in photography photographing the New Jersey rock scene of the 1970’s and 80’s. Jim is married to Terri and has two wonderful children, Blair and Martin.

Lisa was raised amongst a family of artists, and started her career as a hair and makeup artist. Following her passion, it lead her to the field of photography. Her introduction to Gabelli Studio in 2009 dramatically changed the look and feel to the art of the printed product. Her unique album designs and enhancements have proven to be the perfect marriage of design and photography. Lisa is always discovering new ways to turn your photographs into art.

Christina is an MSU alumni, and fell in love with photography after discovering the dark room during her studies at Sussex County College. She is our studio manager, and keeps the Gabelli organized, and running smoothly. Working with our brides and grooms, she schedules their meetings, helps brainstorm for their engagement session, and develops their day-of timeline. Christina is your go-to helper during the panning process here.

John Bacolo

Gabelli Studio